Emmanuel Baptist Church acknowledges only the Lord Jesus Christ as its Chief Shepherd and Head. He mediates the oversight of the spiritual affairs, government, and discipline of this church through godly Elders. This oversight ministry is carried out by the Board of Elders apart from the jurisdiction or supervision of any ecclesiastical body or any civil authority or government. We are a self-governing local church. The Elders and the church body recognize the Word of God as our only infallible guide in matters of faith, practice, church order, and discipline.

It is the duty of the Elders (compensated and noncompensated) to lead and care for the spiritual condition of the church, to guard the purity of doctrine and life of the church, and to supervise church discipline in accordance with the Word of God. Specifically, the Elders are to preach and teach the Word, administer the Lord's ordinances, act for the church in the reception and dismissal of members, examine all seeking membership into the church, counsel the needy, comfort the afflicted, visit the sick, invite outside speakers, and supervise the operation of the church with its various ministries in matters of faith, doctrinal content, discipline and prayer. The compensated Elders are known as Pastors. One of the compensated Elders is designated as the Pastor-Teacher, whose primary duties are to preach in the worship services, to perform the ordinances regularly, and to give spiritual and ministry guidance to the Board of Elders. In the event of a vacancy in any pastoral position, the Board of Elders shall designate another Elder to assume the duties of the vacated position as necessary.