We believe that it is the obligation of the saved to witness by life and by word to the truths of the Scriptures and to seek to proclaim the Gospel to all mankind. (Matt. 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8, 2 Cor. 5:11-21)

Joseph & Francisca Akakpo

Evangelism in Togo (West Africa), ABWE

POPULATION: 6.8 Million


RELIGION: 50% Animist, 21% Islam, 29% Christian

The Akakpos returned to their native Togo after serving as missionaries to Cameroon. They have been Global Access Partners with ABWE since 2012.  Pastor Joseph resurrected a dying church, pursues sharing the gospel with Togo’s youth at seminars such as the National Youth Conference, and also labors to disciple young believers through programs such as the national Bible Quizzing program, among others.

Mary Amesbury

Cleveland State University, Campus Bible Fellowship

ENROLLMENT: 17,000+ Students

ESTABLISHED: December 18, 1964

After serving as a missionary in Russia from 1994 to 1999, Mary returned to the U.S. due to health problems.  Since 2000 she ministers through Campus Bible Fellowship in Cleveland, Ohio, evangelizing and discipling students at Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University.  Mary is particularly concerned to share the gospel with the many international students at these schools.

Alfredo DeHoyos

Church planting in Mexico (Hualahuises), Compassion Ministries

POPULATION: 119 Million


RELIGION: 83% Catholic, 5% Evangelical Christian

A widower, Alfredo has five adult children, all of whom walk with the Lord.  An attorney by trade, he was a rising political star when the Lord saved him in 1985.  Alfredo entered full-time ministry in 1990 and the ministry he founded, Compassion Ministries, works to establish churches, serve the poor, and create jobs.

Because of persecution full names and photo are not published on the site.


Church planters in The Balkins (Southeast Europe)

INCLUDES: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro

INCLUDES IN PART: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey

RELIGION: Orthodox, Catholic, and Islam

D&J have been on the mission field since 2014, serving in a predominantly Muslim country. They work at an academy; D in IT and coaching, and J teaching art, seeking every opportunity to share the love and truth of Christ. Their involvement with an indigenous church provides additional opportunities to share the gospel throughout the region.

Chris & Rosalie Duryee

Church planting in Spain (Alcalá de Henares/Madrid), ABWE

POPULATION: 46.5 Million


RELIGION: 68% Catholic, 27% identify as no religion

Only about 9% of the entire Spanish population attends religious services at least once per month. There are at least 345 town in Spain that have no evangelical church. We are passionate about seeing young people obey God because of their faith in Him and be used by God to make a difference in their families, communities, and the world. We especially hope to reach and disciple young Spaniards, for God’s glory.


Steve & Kelly Frerichs

Church planters in Peru (Lima), ABWE

POPULATION: 30 Million


RELIGION: 89% Catholic, 6.7% Evangelical

The Frerichs have five children and serve as church planters in Lima, Peru. Steve grew up as a “missionary kid” in Peru and has continued his late father’s ministry.

Because of persecution full names and photo are not published on the site.

The “G” Family

Church planters in Asia (10-40 Window)

POPULATION: 72 Million


RELIGION: 99% Muslim

The “G” Family have three children and have been in the field serving in a predominantly Muslim country since 2010. In cooperation with an indigenous church in an urban area, they work as church planters in an outlying area that formerly had no gospel witness.

Rich Hines

Prison ministries in various US cities, Only Hope Prison Ministries

Since 1997 Rich has been training others to do prison and jail evangelism and to deal with the tough issues inmates face. He is the Director of Chaplain Training for Only Hope Prison Ministries and answers to the elder board of two churches; Lakeside Community Chapel, in FL and here at Emmanuel Baptist. He travels across the USA training at Chaplains Training Academy sessions in five locations and also at various Correctional Chaplain and Ministry Volunteer Seminars.

Shyam & Paula Khatri

Evangelism in Thailand (Bangkok), Central Missionary Clearinghouse

POPULATION: 29 Million

LANGUAGE: Nepali and 150+ tribal languages

RELIGION: 80% Hindu, 11% Buddhist, 4% Islam

The Khatris, who have three children, have ministered in Bangkok since 2012. A native of Nepal, Shyam serves as a pastor and evangelist in the sizable Nepali community in Bangkok. An orphan himself, Shyam also oversees the operation of Abba House, an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal which he founded. Paula is a fourth grade teacher at International Community School, a Christian school in Bangkok.

Paul & April Lawrence

Church planters in Romania (Cluj County), Central Missionary Clearinghouse

POPULATION: 19.5 Million

LANGUAGE: Romanian

RELIGION: 81% Eastern Orthodox, <5% Protestant, 4% Catholic, 3% Reformed

The Lawrences and their two children have served in Romania since 2005. They boldly share the gospel with Romanians and also the local Romani (gypsy) population. They have rejoiced to see the Holy Spirit produce genuine, brotherly love among those who have embraced the Lord Jesus, overcoming previous prejudices.


Dave & Sue Lunsford

Evangelical support in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, Baptist Network Northwest (BNN)

Dave began as the Executive Director of BNN in 2016, after nearly 40 years of ministry in several churches in the Pacific Northwest. He has served the Lord as music and youth pastor, home missionary, and, most recently, as a pastor. BNN is a network of over 80 churches throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho that provides opportunity for Bible-believing churches to work together to support evangelical endeavor and missionary activity in the region, country, and around the world. 

Josh & Kimberly Mallory

Camp evangelism in Carnation, WA (Camp Gilead)

Camp Gilead is located near Carnation, WA. Situated in the foothills of the Cascades and on the banks of the Snoqualmie River, the camp offers a wide variety of recreational facilities, theme oriented activities, and has a friendly, trained staff to provide quality leadership and instruction. The camp is owned and operated by the Gilead Baptist Camp Association, and offers an opportunity for young people to learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ and their relationship to Him.

Miller round.jpg

Leroy & Sarah Miller

Camp evangelism in Willow, AK (North Star Bible Camp)

POPULATION: Less than 750,000 in the state

LANGUAGE: English, 5% Native languages

FACT: Least densely populated state in the US

The Millers have six children and began ministering in Alaska in 2013 with Voice for Christ Ministries (VFCM).  In 2016 they accepted positions on staff at North Star Bible Camp.  They continue to travel throughout Alaska however; fulfilling their call to share the gospel with Native Alaskans through involvement with VFCM’s radio ministry, helping with the Native Olympics, and conducting Child Evangelism Fellowship and Vacation Bible School programs in Native villages.


Caucasus Region

POPULATION: 143 Million


ETHNICITY: 50 to 60 different ethnic groups in the region, small percentage are Russian

Because of persecution full names and photo are not published on the site.

Wordsower round.jpg

Sharon Nightingale

Orphanage oversight in Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya, Liberia through Wordsower International

In the 1970s Sharon and her late husband Jason Nightingale founded what later became Wordsower International.  This ministry is dedicated to both proclaiming the gospel through the evangel art of scripture telling and also to ministering to the needs of the “least of these” – widows, orphans, and other children who are disabled, poor, or at risk of being victims of child-trafficking. Wordsower operates or partners with ministries to the vulnerable in several countries around the world, including Haiti, Liberia, Nepal, India, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and South Africa. The Nightingales travel frequently to inspire, encourage, and oversee the orphanages and homes in this network, while also traveling extensively in the United States sharing God’s Word.

Phillips round.jpg

Nathan & Annie Phillips

Literature production & distribution in France (Marpent), BLF Europe

POPULATION: 64 Million


RELIGION: 32% Athiest, 32% Agnostic, Catholic (majority of remaining)

It is estimated that up to 1/2 billion people in the world speak French as a primary or secondary language. The purpose of BLF is to glorify God through providing Christian materials to meet the needs of evangelism and discipleship in the French-speaking world.

Carolynn Sharp

Curriculum writing for native Liberians from B.C. Canada, CanAmera Baptist Missions

POPULATION: 4.3 Million


RELIGION: 40% Indigenous beliefs, 40% Christian, 20% Islam

Liberia (”land of the free”) was started in 1822 by freed African-American slaves. As of 2006, Liberia has the highest population growth rate in the world at 4.50%. Ritual killings still take place in poro secret societies. Carolynn currently lives in Abbostford, B.C. and is writing curriculum for the native Liberians. She visits Liberia to teach periodically.

Penny Warner

Bible translation in Senegal (Kedougou region) Africa, New Tribes Mission

POPULATION: 14.3 Million


RELIGION: 92% Islam, 7% Christian (most Catholic), 1% African and other

In 1982 Penny was part of a church-planting effort in the bush country of southeastern Senegal among the Jalunga people.  Her primary role was and continues to be linguistic work.  Thirty-five years later the effort continues and Penny has translatedGenesis, Exodus 1-20 and 32, Jonah, some chapters in 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 Kings, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, Ephesians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy and Revelation into the Jalunga language.  These scriptures have been a tremendous asset in evangelizing and discipling those who have come to faith in the Lord Jesus.

Baniya round.png

Sushil and Monmaya Baniya

Caring for 24 children at Abba House Orphanage- Kathmandu, Napal

POPULATION: 29 million


RELIGION: 81% Hindu, 9% Buddhism, 1% Christian

The Baniyas have served as house parents at Abba House since 2010.  They are blessed to provide a Christian upbringing to orphaned children in a culture where Christ is little known and report that all the children profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  In recent years three youth have come of age and left Abba House, though it is still "home."  This has provided new opportunity others to join Abba House this year.  Sushil is a nephew of Shyam Khatri, founder of Abba House.


Emmanuel and Manju Sahai

Evangelism and Leadership Training in Northern India- North India Indigenous Partners

  POPULATION: Approximately 300 million in 6 states                                                                                                                   LANGUAGE: Hindi Belt and various other Info-European languages

RELIGION: 80% Hindu, 14% Muslim, 2% Christian

Raised by a Christian mother who faithfully prayed for him, Emmanuel solidified his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in 1977 and was called by the  Holy Spirit to vocational ministry and began Bible School a couple of years later.  Assigned to evangelize a nominally Christian community, Emmanuel was grieved by the lack of Biblical  knowledge and obedience.  Eager to help, he began a Sunday School for children, which soon led to Bible studies in their parents' homes.  This was the beginning of Great Commission Church, through which over 140 saints minister throughout Northern India - and beyond.

Paul & Carolyn Pierce.jpg

Paul & Carolyn Pierce

Friends of Israel

Church Ministry Representative

Pacific NW & California

Paul teaches at churches, conferences, retreats, and camps about biblical truths concerning Israel historically, culturally, and prophetically. The Pierces also labor to nurture relationships with Jewish people


Mark & Katherine Rittersbach

Ethnos 360

Church Planters

Papua, Indonesia

Population 2.8 million

Language - 200+ indigenous languages

Mark grew up as the son of missionaries in Papua New Guinea and now, after many years as a youth pastor in the USA, is returning to the Asia-Pacific region as church planters alongside his wife Katherine.